The truth behind Eli Avram skipping ‘Mickey Virus’ promotion

The Greek Swedish model Eli Avram who is a hot favourite of not only the host Salman Khan of ‘Bigg Boss’, but also of the audience. She has amazed them both with her fluency in Hindi.

Eli has her debut movie about to release and she wanted to be a part of the promotion team but her film’s producers convinced her otherwise and said that being in the Bigg Boss show will garner more response to her movie. So Eli joined the reality show Bigg Boss 7 where she has been able to catch the interest of Salman Khan.

Eli hopes to make it big in Bollywood, and going by the way Sallu is considering her, we think that she is all set to make her mark in Bollywood, all thanks to Salman Khan the Mentor of many Debutantes. Eli might make a request to Bigg Boss to let her out for a day to be present on the premier of her movie.

We say just bat your eyes at Sallu and you will get your heartfelt wish.