Why Anu Malik’s ‘Chamma Chamma’ is head and shoulders above Tanishk Bagchi’s latest version

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It is the age of remixes of rehashes, isn’t it? Many Bollywood films are rehashing and reusing old songs and trying to recreate the magic. Just now, we had Arshad Warsi starrer ‘Fraud Saiyaan’s ‘Chamma Chamma’ song getting released and it has Elli Avrram’s sizzling steps and moves. But, who can forget the original ‘Chamma Chamma’ song from the film ‘China Gate’?

The song featuring Urmila Matondkar became an overnight hit and was one of the biggest chartbusters of that period. Veteran musician and singer Anu Malik has given us many super hits and outstanding melodies over the years, but this song is right up there and it remains one of his finest till date.

Comparisons are always hard and unjust and it is very difficult to compare the same song from two different eras. But, Anu Malik’s ‘Chamma Chamma’ is head and shoulders above the current one. The original ‘Chamma Chamma’ was a classic in itself and the music of Anu Malik made the song what it is.

‘China Gate’ featured many veteran actors and this song took the storyline forward and Anu Malik deserves all the credit for creating this song, which you can’t get tired of listening till this day.

‘Chamma Chamma’ song enthralled the audience and Urmila Matondkar completely took the centre stage and the same cannot be said of Elli Avrram. The original soundtrack had the signature style of Anu Malik and it just felt right. Anu Malik, in the 1990s, made many peppy and electric numbers, but ‘Chamma Chamma’ had something unique about it.

So, the old and original ‘Chamma Chamma’, even after 20 years still remains an iconic song and the current version of Elli Avrram can’t match the superlative genius and class of Anu Malik. Anu Malik is like a magician, who always keeps up with time and after spending so much time in the industry, he still likes to reinvent himself and continues to get better.

The great thing about Anu Malik is that he tries different things and is always looking for variation and innovation in his music. ‘Chamma Chamma’ of ‘China Gate’ will always remain a classic and cult song and if we have to choose between ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ and ‘China Gate’, then the Rajkumar Santoshi’s film takes it by a mile.

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