Vidya Balan

As we all know the legendary director Yash Chopra is no more , film industry is memorizing him.

An Emotional Vidya balan said , “He was the most gracious person I have come across. He defined glamour for Indian audiences and his films always struck a chord. Few have been able to capture the hopeless complexity of the man -woman relationship like Yashji has . After the release of Kahaani, I got a call from an unknown London number, but I missed the call then got a message from Yashji ‘s number saying I’m trying to call you. I called back and he congratulated me saying I believe your film is doing very well. Congratulations!”


Vidya went on, “Even last year when he read in the papers that I was unwell, he called to find out how I was doing. He called after every film and he also called me on every birthday since I joined the industry. What more can I say?”

Yashji , You are Missed by Many !