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THIS is the real reason why Priyanka walked out of ‘Bharat’, contrary to what is reported

Grapevine has been abuzz with rumours surrounding the walkout of Priyanka Chopra from Salman Khan’s most ambitious project ‘Bharat’. A lot has been speculated as to why Priyanka Chopra opted out of ‘Bharat’, after agreeing to be the female lead opposite Salman Khan.

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As soon as Ali Abbas Zafar, the director of ‘Bharat’ put a tweet saying that Priyanka Chopra had indeed opted out of Bharat, rumour mills started doing rounds of a possible rift between Salman and Priyanka. A lot of websites blamed Salman for chopping Priyanka’s role. Some websites even cited that being in a male-dominated industry, Priyanka did not want to play second fiddle to Salman.

However denying any such news, Nikhil Namit, the CEO of Reel life production Pvt Ltd said, “These allegations are simply not true. How can anyone allege that Priyanka’s role was chopped in the film? ‘Bharat’ is based on the ‘Ode To My Father’, which is the highest grossing film in Korean history. So obviously the roles have been allocated as per the original film. She knows the script of the film. These websites need to think twice before making serious accusations against someone and spreading fake news. ‘Bharat’ is the biggest film of 2019 and is mounted on a huge scale.

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Nikhil further states that, “There is not an iota of truth behind the rumours that Priyanka walked out of the film due to the length of her role. There was no screen test or look test done for her as it was planned in August. She hadn’t even begun shooting for the film, as her schedule was from September. It was purely due to her personal reasons, better known to her, because of which she had to walk out of the project. We totally respect her decision to say no, but these rumours need to be put to rest.”

We have all seen how social media has the ability to spread the fake news in such times, the least we can expect from the gossip websites and handles is to behave responsibly.

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