When Aishwarya Rai hit back at Oprah Winfrey asking her if kissing is taboo in public in India

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Aishwarya Rai appeared as a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show for the first time in 2005. On the show, she mostly spoke about the misconceptions that West or Americans have about Indians or Indian women.

When Oprah asked Aishwarya if kissing is taboo in public in India, she said, “It’s not really a familiar sight. People kiss, but it doesn’t happen around the street corner. It’s a more private expression of emotion, so I guess art imitates life and that comes across in our cinema.”

Talking about the misconception that people had for her, Aishwarya said that she always found it odd when people thought that because she spoke good English, she must’ve been educated abroad. She said, “Why would people think that we don’t study English? And that kind of took me aback and really shocked me.” Aishwarya also said that it shocked her when living with her family became a topic for others in overseas.

On arranged marriages in India, the actress said, “Arranged marriages in urban India would be like a global dating service where the families study each other’s backgrounds, and they bring the couple together, and they get engaged and they date and if it works they get along with the alliance, and if it doesn’t work they fall out.”

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