Close to my heart – Sonu Nigam

Close to my heart – Sonu Nigam

26 letters of the alphabet fall short. No possible permutation of the letters will suffice or do justice to describe the magic of the man. After witnessing his concert yet again, I fail to understand why I Am still amazed each time. I mean, shouldn’t it be a given by now that he is sure to stupefy me?

‘Klose To My Heart’. Could there have been a more befitting name for his concert? Sonu renders numbers which are close to his heart and instantly connects our hearts to his. There is definitely something inexplicably divine about his presence on stage. The celestial aura which surrounds his presence on stage is unmistakable. After having the privilege of attending numerous concerts of Sonu, I have come to the conclusion that it is not just SONU the person who regales us, there has to be a godly intervention. He definitely has a special connection with the Almighty.

He is more evolved as a person compared to most of us. His affability, magnanimity and nobility are evident in many ways, including the way in which he consistently credits his musicians for the thundering audience applause. It is not without reason that his musicians have been with him for years.

Trust him to create the most endearing moments on stage like setting up the mood and music for a song and mischievously starting off another song. His mannerisms are so likeable… like the occasional rolling up of sleeves, tugging at his pants, the zhatkas and thumkas, the impromptu breaking into a jig, his disarming smile… the list goes on. He never misses out on making his audience feel special with his constant interaction, his appreciation of the audience’s ear for music and his sharing of anecdotes. Just like a satisfying full-course meal which appeals to every taste bud, Sonu’s concert is like a platter full of music of diverse genres, sure to strike a chord with each and every person in the audience. He ensures that the audience gets more than what they signed up for.

There are many aspects which make him unique. Of all the talented singers we hear today, he is the only one who can seamlessly connect us to the glorious musical past. He can make us laugh, cry, cheer, ponder, celebrate – all at once. He’s sophisticated and he’s childlike. He’s sincere and he’s impish. He’s serene and he’s restless. It is impossible to not be overwhelmed and bewildered. The best part is that in spite of being a volcano of talent, he is completely unassuming. He exudes genuine warmth that wins over hearts forever.

His talent may be God’s gift, but Sonu’s earnest surrender to the art form is his best gift to god.

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