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Sometimes I wonder why is everything in society blown out of proportion? Why do people react so quickly and easily without even giving a second thought? Why do people not think once or think rationally before making some absurd comments on someone? Well, these type of questions always arises whenever I see something really absurd or absolutely gibberish on social media.  But why am I saying all this? Before I rant on something extremely important, let us tell you, on February 6, one of the legendary and prolific singers, Lata Mangeskar departed for her heavenly abode, leaving everyone in the void. Several politicians and celebs including actor Shah Rukh Khan attended her funeral that took place in Shivaji Park on Sunday. As the entire nation was mourning Lata Ji’s tragic demise, there was one person whose focus was on SRK and his actions. All of a sudden, Shah Rukh Khan became the topic of discussion and I wonder if this makes sense at all? 

For the unversed, recently, a politician shared a small clip of Shah Rukh on Twitter where he is seen offering prayers to Lata Ji to ward off evil spirits. But weirdly so, the video was interpreted in the most bizarre way that only made my head scratch thinking how did the politician see that? The politician shared the video asking netizens if he spat on the mortal remains of Lata Mangeshkar. First, two minutes silence for the person who thought SRK is spitting and second, why is that even a question? Don’t just think I’m a fan of SRK but here I’m trying to stand for what is right and people bashing for this is absolutely fallacious according to me. Their thinking, their comments show that everything is still wrong with our society.


To give you guys a little context, in Islam, after dua (prayers), people then blow air from the mouth which is said to be a powerful superstition in many parts of the Muslim world that you pass the blessings of a dua with your breath while some believe that after dua, the air is blown to “ward off evil spirits” but sadly and unethically, people accused him of triggering a controversy out of a beautiful moment. This is absolutely nonsensical. As I write this piece, it also reminds me of a scene from My Name Is Khan, where SRK’s character is seen blowing air on his onscreen son after performing Namaz. Would you still say he was spitting on him in the movie? 


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How hard is it to find the difference between spitting and blowing air? It is also quite stupid of people to think this, I mean why would one of the most prominent figures in India spit on the mortal remains of a legendary singer in the full media glare and thousands of people in attendance. 

The outrage on social media was beyond my imagination as it made me wonder how a vast number of people were criticising a superstar without thinking rationally. Not sure if you agree but the hue and cry on social media on SRK were absolutely baseless and wrong. Amidst all this, I was glad to see how his fans stood in support of him. I believe they were right in supporting the actor, thus also ensuring that people really new to grow up and grow their thinking.

Overall, only a bigot would twist a dua said in reverence of the departed soul to spread hatred but I’m happy that some people did understand the concept. Nonetheless, let’s spread love and positivity, and let’s preach unity.

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