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Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani became two of the biggest names on Indian TV with their show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Their chemistry was so loved that when Barun decided to quit, makers ended the show, rather than replacing him. Post the show, Barun Sobti made a path of his own.

He dabbled into films with Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Not just that, he worked on OTT too and his show Asur became one of the most loved web shows in India. Recently, the actor returned with Asur 2 which starts streaming on Jio Cinema from June 1. In regards to that, the actor got in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble. He opened up on Asur’s success, the pressure of season 2, his success on TV posing as a hindrance, possible reunion with Sanaya and more. Excerpts from the interview:

In midst of the large amount of content coming on OTT, Asur stood out during its release. In the 3 years between the 2 seasons, how much people have hounded you asking about the second season?

“A lot. One would imagine it would only be the people in plush parties asking you when is Asur 2 coming out. But no, it was everyone. Even at medical shops or vegetable vendors or at malls, everyone was asking the same question.”

The series as well as your character deals with a lot in the gray area. How has that influenced you in real life?

“As a person, it’s like reading a book. You read it and you learn from it. It has not influenced me but it has taught me a few more things.”

The dilemma that your character deals with, did it ever get overwhelming for you?

“Yes, it did. There were a few scenes that I had to perform and I didn’t even need glycerine to cry for them. Few of those scenes were too overwhelming.”

Since the first season became such a huge success, did it add a bit of responsibility when you returned for season 2?

“Not really. It started off as a very confident thing. Everyone was so confident of what they were doing. The first season around, it was all an experiment. They were all like we don’t know what will happen, if people would understand it or not. But people loved it so much that the day we started shooting for season 2, everyone knew what they were doing and felt confident about it. Getting together with the same team was so fun. As intense as our show is, the environment on the set was as light hearted.”

You became such a huge name on TV with your show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. When you decided to transition between mediums, did that success ever posed as a hindrance?

“Yes, particularly in my case because I had become so popular with Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. There are so many other people who work in television but don’t get labelled as television actors. But with us, it happens when you get so popular. I didn’t even do television for a very long time. So, yes it did become an issue. These kind of conversations have come up that should we cast him, irrespective of I am a good actor or a bad actor. So, that happened.”

Your chemistry with Sanaya Irani was loved so much that the third season of your show didn’t work as well because people missed you two together. Did you two ever think about reuniting for any project?

“We can’t sit and just think about that. As actors, you choose from what you are offered. A project has to be worth doing. As for the show, I feel it also depends on the writing. The first season was written so well that it worked.”

Being a mainstream actor, was there any apprehension of entering a niche space in films when you decided to do Tu Hai Mera Sunday?

“Apprehension? I was glad that I got the opportunity, I was jumping in excitement. I loved Tu Hai Mera Sunday from the moment I read the script.”

Does the love and adulation that comes your way till date, does it overwhelm you at times?

“It does overwhelm me when I come in contact with people who like my work. But I don’t like to explore my emotions much in real life. I am not a very social person. So, when I get in touch with people who compliment my work, it does get overwhelming.”

You are doing a project in the romantic comedy genre soon. I feel like people would love to see you come back to that genre…

“I know. This should be really good. It was refreshing for me as well going into that space. I was so happy. There was a point when I was doing it where I kept thinking that let’s just keep doing this in life. But intensity has its own perks.”

Is there a future for Asur as a franchise?

“100 percent. The first season did so well and this season I feel is 10 times better than that. So, yes there is a scope for another season.”

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