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Falaq Naaz is one of the most known actresses in the TV industry. She was an active part of Sasural Simar Ka and she won hearts by playing the character of Jhanvi Bharadwaj. Falaq also participated in Bigg Boss OTT 2 and emerged as a strong contestant. Speaking of her personal life, her brother Sheezan Khan was taken into custody at the time of Tunisha Sharma’s suicide.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Falaq Naaz has revealed that she was not informed about Tunisha Sharma’s demise.

When Falaq Naazz got to know about Tunisha’s death

Falaq Naazz shared that Sheezan was arrested on the same night of the death of Tunisha Sharma. She said, “Sheezan ka arrest ussi sham ho gaya tha. It was on the 24th, and 24th night se hi Sheezan apne shoot ke kapdo me hi chala gaya tha. (Sheezan was arrested on the same night on the 24th and he was taken in the shoot’s attire)

Further, Falaq Naazz also shared how she got to know about the death of Tunisha Sharma. She said, “I was shooting for something, so 4:45 ke aas pass mujhe mummy ka call aaya aur mujhe directly nahi bataya that she (Tunisha) is gone. Unhone bola ke something had happened and isko hospital leke gaye hai, she is admitted and I’ll let you know. Mai bahot zyada ghabra gayi thi. Shuru ke teen-chaar ghante mujhe sach nahi bataya tha.” She had left the ongoing shoot because she couldn’t focus to carry forward the shoot.

(I received a call from my mother at around 4:45 and she did not tell me directly that Tunisha is gone. She said that something has happened and she is admitted. I was very worried. For the first few hours, I was not told the truth) 

Aftermath of knowing about Tunisha’s death

She said, “Mai bahot zyada ro rahi thi. Meri bahot buri haalat thi. Mujhe raaste tak drop kiya gaya because mai poori numb thi, mujhe kuch samaj me nahi aa raha tha. Mujhe sirf calls aa rahe the, media ne call karna chalu kar diya tha and then I came to know what actually happened. Suddenly mujhe mummy ne bola ke Sheezan ko leke jaya jaa raha hai.

She added, “Toh sab itna jaldi ho raha tha ke mujhe samaj me hi nai aaya ke ho kya raha hai. Mujhe lag raha tha ke raat ko 11 baje tak hum Sheezan ko le aayenge wapas, but kuch aur hi kahaani ho gayi. Wo 3-4 ghante mai royi. Uske baad mai royi hi nahi. Uske baad mera focus Sheezan par aa gaya poori taraf. Kyu ki abb andar wo hi tha, aur wo constantly ro raha tha, he was in shock, he was in trauma.”

(I was not in the right state, was numb, and was not able to understand anything. I was getting calls after calls and then I came to know what actually happened. Suddenly, my mom told me that Sheezan is being taken away. So, everything was happening so fast that I was not understanding what is happening. I was thinking that we could be bringing Sheezan back home by 11 pm. But things took another turn and I cried for 3-4 hours. After that, I stopped crying. After that, I completely focused on Sheezan. He was in jail and was crying constantly, he was in trauma and shock.)

Further in the conversation, Falaq also spoke about her parent’s separation and how her mother handled judgment and financial troubles.

Watch the full interview here:

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