8 Farhan Akhtar roles that gave us lessons for a lifetime

Farhan Akhtar, the man who has been giving us one after the other specimens of good cinema. Happy Birthday, you stunning man.

8 Farhan Akhtar roles that gave us lessons for a lifetime

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Farhan Akhtar birthday

A fabulous director, a singer whose voice can give you rocking numbers, and an actor whose versatility is impeccable when it comes to rocking diverse performances. Yes, we are talking about Farhan Akhtar, who is truly a gift to Bollywood, for rarely do we come across such a protean artiste.

Today on his birthday, let us take a look at some of the amazing performances that he has given, and the lessons that those left behind, forcing us to ponder.

Your loved one comes back to you, in the end – Daanish Ali, Wazir

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The movie might not have made an impression on the box office, but in our hearts, Farhan’s character, Daanish Ali sure made an impact. Though there is no lesson that we could deduce from this thriller, but the taut plot and impeccable performance that Farhan gave as Daanish, stayed with us, and there was no way we could not mention it while mentioning his performances that awed us and gave us lessons. If only, his character in ‘Wazir’ taught us that though it is hard to keep a balance personal life and a profession as tough as serving the nation, it is not impossible, and can be done.

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