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Rekha Birthday Special: Ultimate fashion trends set by the evergreen actress

Time and again, the veteran actress of Bollywood, Rekha is remembered for her stunning fashion sense apart from her great acting skills. The beautiful lady who never ceases to stun us with her wardrobe statements rings in her 65th birthday today. Lets us take a look at how this fashion icon has set some of the ultimate fashion trends for B-town celebs.

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Fashion trends set by Rekha serve an ultimate fashion goal for the A-listers of Bollywood.

Bold Lipsticks

Take a look at old pictures of Bollywood actresses and you will notice that Rekha is probably the only actress who has been constantly carrying some bold lip shades. In the ’90s the dark lip shades are worn by the actresses to portray the vampish characters in the films. All credits to Rekha for breaking the stereotypes with her make-up choices. Even after carrying bold lip shades, the actress shows how you can look subtle and innocent. Even today actresses such as Sonam Kapoor and Kareena are seen following the bold lip trend.

Image Source - Instagram


We have enough of actresses today, who style their hair with fresh white Gajra. Although this type of hairstyles was common in some parts of India, Rekha is the only actress who made it a style statement. Ever since she had started carrying the Gajra hairstyles, it has become a must-have hairstyle for B-town actresses who run of out time on traditional occasions. Here’s when Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai slayed in Rekha’s statement hairstyle.

Image Source - WIKI

Smoke Eyeshadows

Bright make-up and Rekha’s wardrobe style go hand-in-hand. Talk about bold make-up looks and the person to hit your mind will be Rekha. Every other day we see B-town actresses giving us major make-up goals after carrying the smokey eye looks. The bold eyes trend has been in the vogue and how. We must not forget to thank the veteran actress for initiating the trend of smoke eyeshadows.

Image Source - Wiki

Sleek Lower-bun

Now comes the tricky hack of drawing the attention with sleet lower-bun hairstyles. Often we see B-town actresses carrying the sleek lower bun hairstyle at event and ramps just to highlight their heavy make-up and the extravagant outfits. But how can we forget to thank the pretty lady for setting the trend.

Image Source - Instagram

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanjeevaram Sarees are something that has become Rekha’s second identity when it comes to fashion talks in Bollywood. The actress is rarely seen carrying other outfits than the Kanjeevaram Sarees at the events and the award shows where she marks her attendance.

Image Source - Wiki

Oversized Sunglasses

Rekha can probably beat the contemporary actresses when it comes to carrying big size eye shades. While the cat-eye frames have become of the top trends in Bollywood today, Rekha had already carried these types of eye frames way back and gave us evergreen style lessons.

Image Source - Instagram and wiki

Love For Gold

Monotone wardrobe statements are considered as one of the tricky things when it comes to flaunting dresses at the events. The fashionistas believe that carrying monotone silver or gold can make you hid behind the outfit. But looks like Rekha had mastered the art of flaunting her monotonous golden ensembles and how. Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone are among the actresses to flaunt the same.

Image Source - Instagram

Which fashion trend is your favorite? Do let us know.

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