Radhe REVIEW: Salman Khan offers a masala entertainer to fans as the Most Wanted Bhai

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Director: Prabhudeva

Cast: Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Randeep Hooda, Arjun Kanungo, Gautam Gulati

Produced by: Salman Khan, Atul Agnihotri, Sohail Khan, Nikhil Namit

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Radhe offers Salman Khan fans everything they were waiting for. It has masala, it has action and it has India’s Most Wanted Bhai. The film, directed by Prabhudeva, is high on Entertainment and brings back memories from Wanted, the first collaboration between Prabhudeva and Salman. The superstar plays Radhe in the movie, who is reckless and short on temper. As usual, a Salman Khan film is about him and this time again he is seen taking on the evils all Alone.

Radhe deals with the subject of drug addiction which has been plaguing the youth in the nation. Radhe, an under-suspension Police inspector, is asked to hunt down the drug dealers because he is the only man who could be entrusted with such a big task. Salman plays to the gallery, using his witty charm and splendid screen presence to lure the audience. However, with poor screenplay and dialogues, the film heavily relies on Salman’s stardom to hook the audience.


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The film, released on Zee5 and on multi-platforms due to the ongoing pandemic globally. It also stars Randeep Hooda as the perfect villain who plays his part perfectly. Every time Randeep takes the screen, his chemistry with Salman is to be acknowledged. The banter between Jackie Shroff and Salman Khan too provides that much-needed relief in the action entertainer. Jackie Shroff’s character, however, feels underwritten as the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Disha Patani’s role is limited to few songs in the movie. Audiences especially Salman Khan’s fans get everything they desire the superstar to be, a superhero of sorts who can fly off a glass pane without any injury, cleansing the country of ‘bad people’. Radhe’s own version of Swacch Bharat, indeed! While the concept is relevant, we wished a lot more was focused on the storyline and the characters.

Radhe is a remake of a Korean action film, The Outlaws. The film is Salman Khan’s annual Eidi to his fans. It even has a dialogue to stamp his customary offering to fans. “Tere hisse ki biryani mil-baatke khayenge aur bolenge Eid Mubarak.” While there is no surprise that the film wants you to relax and enjoy with no logic in place, it does seem to be operating only on the surface and loses steam eventually.


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Prabhudeva also brings in his style of choreography with the songs placed in the movie. However, it doesn’t work and in fact, derails you from the original plot. In a film dealing with drug peddlers and crimes, it is slightly illogical to see the kind of dance numbers placed in it. For those who want to enjoy watching Salman Khan back in action, Radhe is the perfect watch.

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