Chup REVIEW: R Balki silences critics with a riveting story backed by powerful performances from Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan

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Film: Chup: Revenge of the Artist

Director: R Balki

Star cast: Sunny Deol, Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwanthary and Pooja Bhatt

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3.5 stars

Chup movie ratings

Chup Movie Review:

I watched a movie called Chup about a psychopath who kills film critics when they give inappropriate stars to the movie and not based on their merit. Well, since I am also going to write the review, I wasn’t scared some killer will come and slash my throat but it is the thought behind the movie that made me think otherwise. I started questioning myself if the reviewers are always this harsh or if the reviewers are the killers who kill a fan’s morale to even watch the film, to kill a director’s passion for the movie. Yes, our job is actually to critique the cinema which the makers put their heart and soul into it and we sometimes strip them entirely with our writing.

There are some reviewers who don’t think twice to mince the movie with their harsh words and then comes the Chup movie that tries to convey that the cinema is art but if someone is critiquing it, it has to be constructive criticism and not just bash them wryly. Nevertheless, talking about Chup in this review, R Balki has narrated his love for cinema that he wrapped with suspense and thriller. After a while, I enjoyed a thriller drama that kept me at the edge of my seat. There was a constant feeling of what will happen next and how will the cops unveil the killer.


Chup is the story of a psychopath killer who is targeting film critics. A series of bizarre and disturbing murders rock the city of Mumbai. Film critics are being killed week after week with the release of every new film. Arvind Mathur, Head of Crime Branch Mumbai, is tasked with solving the case. With the help of Zenobia, a criminal psychologist, he tries to understand the mind of the killer to trap him.


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Star Performance:

Sunny Deol plays the role of inspector Arvind Mathur, Head of Crime Branch Mumbai who sets on a mission to seize the psychopath killer on loose. He plays his part perfectly well with utmost intensity and zest. It is so good to see Sunny is a profound role after a very long time. He adds gravitas to his character that doesn’t leave you disappointed.

Dulquer Salmaan plays the role of a florist named Danny and oh man, he is a treat to watch. To be honest, I have seen very few films of him and now I regret that why didn’t watch his movies before. He is a terrific actor and his performance is par excellence in this movie. After seeing him in Sita Ramam, I can’t imagine Dulquer playing this complex character. His character has two sides and his transformation in the movie is impressive AF! Now, I can’t imagine any other actor playing this role because he justified it with great finesse. Dulquer definitely steals the show with his powerful performance and I have become his fan now.

Shreya Dhanwanthary essays the role of an Entertainment journalist and Danny’s love interest. She does a commendable job in the movie. She tries to prove that she has a lot of capabilities as an actor and that is impressive.

Pooja Bhatt plays the role of Zenobia, a criminal psychologist who loves films and helps the police to understand the criminal. She is seen in an extended cameo and adds more depth and freshness to the script.


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Direction/ Screenplay:

With a filmography of Cheeni Kum, Shamitabh, Ki & Ka, Pad Man, R Balki comes up with a thriller drama Chup that makes me speechless, to be precise. He is often seen telling light-hearted stories with a lot of meaning; however, he outdoes himself this time as he narrates a nail-biting story to the audience. Considering that it is a thriller drama, R Balki keeps the intensity intact while showcasing his love for the cinema.

But the best part that left me in awe was keeping the essence of the classic cinema, the Guru Dutt era. He used the songs of Dutt right from Jaane Kya Main Suni to Waqt Ne Kiya Kya which only added a lot of weight to the movie. It will make you forget about the murder thriller but will drift your mind to an era of pure blissful cinema. Balki really does a fantastic job with her direction.

There was never a moment where I felt he is losing his grip apart from the climax scene. Balki patiently and artistically unfolds the aspect of a killer and his chronicle; however, the climax seems like he was in a hurry. Keeping the vigour of the story in mind, I like the fact that he completely ditched the unnecessary drama but it seems like the climax was rushing.


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In totality, Chup: Revenge of the Artist is an out-of-the-box concept that will surely keep you hooked till the end. Chup is an interesting watch and if you are reading the review then I would highly recommend watching it. R Balki has delivered his finest work that is backed by powerful performances from Sunny Deol and Dulquer Salmaan. A story that has never been seen before and that makes it special and interesting. After a long time, I’m seeing a different thriller drama that really hit me hard not just as a critic but as a viewer as well. I’m going with 3.5 stars for R Balki’s narration and of course, Salmaan’s performance who is the heart and the soul of the film.

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