An intense love story shattered by rage: Nana Patekar-Manisha Koirala’s illicit affair revisited

An intense love story shattered by rage: Nana Patekar-Manisha Koirala’s illicit affair revisited

nana patekar and manisha koirala

She is a mesmerisingly attractive lady, while he is not the conventional fair and handsome looking man. She has been the centre of attraction of quite a few men, thanks to her princess-like magnificent looks, while he has been more a performer than an eye-candy in terms of the movies he has been a part of. Theirs was a love story that went kaput due to raging temper, but it still seems like yesterday when we see the 90s’ films like ‘Agni Sakshi’ and ‘Khamoshi’. We are talking about the powerhouse performer Nana Patekar and the charming Tabu-manisha-koirala-jackie-shroff-got-clicked-together/" target="_blank">Manisha Koirala, who has fought a strong battle against cancer.

The two shared a passionate chemistry not only in their movies, but also in real life. They were quite vocal about their love life, but destiny had other plans and their love story was left incomplete.

So, here we go back in time and remember how these two passionate lovers met, fell in love and sadly parted ways.

Finally, it was the end of their love affair

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Eventually, Manisha dated quite a few men like DJ Whosane, Crispin ConRoy, Cecil Anthony. She got married to a Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal in 2010, but divorced him two years later. On the other hand, Nana moved on with his life, but regretfully spoke about how his wife will always be the pillar of strength of his life. As quoted by him in an interview, “Nilkanti and I shared numerous years of happiness together. We supported each other through thick and thin. But, over the years, we developed certain irreconcilable differences and grew apart. Today, we continue to be married but stay separately.”

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