Mother’s Day EXCLUSIVE: Mahhi Vij on Tara, responds to trolls claiming they abandoned Rajveer and Khushi

Image Source - Instagram

Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali became parents to little Tara a year back. Their little bundle of joy has been receiving all the love and happiness. But, the journey to motherhood for Mahhi has not been easy. She had to face a lot of criticism on social media as trolls claimed that she abandoned Rajveer and Khushi, who they turned godparents to many years back. In an exclusive chat for Mother’s Day, Mahhi responds to them and reiterates that she doesn’t need to explain or justify herself to people who don’t know the reality. She also shared that she feels extremely proud to see Tara growing up to be kind and humble and doesn’t mind the media attention on her.

When asked in the current COVID situation, how is she managing her mental health, Mahhi told Bollywood Bubble, “The mental health currently for everyone right now is not that great given that we are all aware that we are amid the pandemic. At this point, keeping your mental health intact and take care of your child also is difficult but I am lucky that I have my child because if she wasn’t there, my mental health would have gone for a toss.” How is little Tara growing up to be like? Mahhi Vij responds with a smile, “Tara is growing up to be a very sensitive and kind girl. I feel very blessed to see her being this humble and beautiful since childhood itself.”

Mahhi Vij added, “Tara has got a lot of happiness in our life. We feel complete. We feel our family is complete. We know we have to take care of ourselves to take care of her. Everything changes, everything revolves around her now.”

Mahhi was targeted a lot recently with faceless names questioning her and claiming that she abandoned Rajveer and Khushi. For that unaware, Rajveer and Khushi are children of the house-help who works for Mahhi and Jay. The children along with their father are currently in their village due to the ongoing COVID situation. When asked about it, Mahhi shared, “I don’t react to trolls now. Initially, I used to but then I realised they are a bunch of idiots who are sitting on the internet and removing their frustration. They don’t even know my kids’ age, they don’t even know if Khushi and Rajveer are adopted or not adopted. How can we adopt them when they have their parents? We were just staying together and are still a part of a happy family. These trolls don’t know anything about my family. They are just frustrated minds.”

Mahhi stressed, “It doesn’t matter to me. I feel they are nobody and a bunch of losers. This is their conception about their life, how does it matter?” However, she mentioned that she sometimes does get affected wondering what Khushi and Rajveer might think when they read all this growing up. “I would feel bad initially because I would wonder what Rajveer and Khushi will think when they read all this while growing up. But the fact is that their grandparents always wanted them in their hometown because their father is the only son for them, plus due to COVID, they had to return. The kids are super happy. If we had abandoned the kids, why would the father still work with us? These people behind trolls have no ethics.”

Mahhi has a lot of media attention on her. As a parent, does it bother her? “No, honestly, I don’t mind. The paps are not intervening in our personal space. They are not being told to do anything, they are doing their job, they respect our space when we ask for it. Infact, I feel blessed that they love my daughter and are interested in her and click her picture at the airport, I feel obliged. I am glad that my child has been loved by everyone.”

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