Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta
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Vikas Gupta shared a video on his Instagram handle in February this year, where he claimed that Priyank Sharma and Parth Samthaan made false allegations against him. Sharing the video, he also wrote in the note that he is going to prove all the accusations ‘false’ and all the people who have dragged him into their ‘fake accusations and controversies’ for their ‘personal gain will be answerable legally’. He even demanded a public apology from Parth and Priyank. Vikas also slammed Roadies 9 winner Vikas Khoker for levelling false allegations against him. Khoker had accused Vikas of seeking sexual favours from him.

In an interview, when Priyank was asked about ‘the Vikas Gupta episode’, he said that Vikas would be the right person to answer the question.


When he was asked about the allegations of ‘bullying’ levelled against him by Vikas, Priyank told Siddharth Kannan, “Pata nahi kaunsi. Yeh unhi ko pata hai, wohi batayenge. Hum jawaab iska kabhi na denge. Hum sirf silent rehte aur grace… Hum yahaan pe kaam karne aaye hai aur usi cheez ka jawaab dete hai. Apne kaam se jawaab aata hai har cheez ka”.


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He added, “I believe he keeps provoking and saying things. Usko jis cheez mein believe karna hai, kar le yaar. Khush rahe. Par kitna? Ho gaya”.

Earlier, when Vikas Gupta came out as bisexual, he accused Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma of forcing him to come out. He also called out both for ‘blackmailing’ and ‘bullying’ him. Vikas even revealed that he was in relationships with both-Priyank and Parth.

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