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TV stars candidly open up about missing the big screen experience; ask, “Will it be a good idea to go to the theatres now?”

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Though the Coronavirus pandemic has worsened the situation of many sectors, the worst to be hit by it has to be the movie theatre industry. Cinema halls have remained closed ever since the lockdown started in March, and since it’s been over six months, the owners want to get back in business as soon as possible. With the Unlockdown 4.0, they are hoping that the government will allow them to open their gates for public viewing. But looking at the rising Covid-19 cases in the country, will it be a good idea.

We spoke to some celebs about it and here’s what they had to say:

Sharad Malhotra

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I think as and when the theatres open, the audience will go, but I hope they take proper precautions. Maybe check for show timings which are not full, because somewhere the COVID fear is still there, and this will continue for a long time. I think watching a movie in a theatre is a different experience altogether, and you can’t get the same feeling even if you watch a movie on a projector at home. What I used to love about theatres is the previews of the upcoming movies they used to show before the movie. Also, you give your time to the movie, there is no fun in forwarding a scene or a song, what’s the point of making a movie then. The crowd cheering when the hero enters, the hooting, you cannot get all that at home. So, yes people should go to theatres but with full precautions.

Saanand Verma

It’s a completely different feeling when you watch a movie in a theatre and a movie needs your 100 per cent attention, you can’t enjoy a movie fully if you are busy with household chores or busy with your phone. It needs focused viewing and what better place than a theatre. A big screen, phone on silent, and that are when you will truly appreciate the storytelling. The only medium to enjoy a movie to the fullest is in a cinema hall. We have been locked inside our homes for far too long and everyone is eagerly waiting for that experience. I am sure people will go to theatres once they open, I know I will.

Savi Thakur

The process of Unlockdown has already started in India, and most of the things are open now, so its obvious theatres will open too. And all those people who are bored of sitting inside their homes they will surely get something to look forward to for their Entertainment. When you try watching a film at home, you will remember so many things to do, but when you go to a theatre you can peacefully enjoy a movie. I feel those two-three hours are yours and you can enjoy your favourite movie at that time. Also, buying popcorns as soon as you enter is my favourite part. So, I am sure people will go to the theatres once they open.

Shivani Gosain

I feel people will go to theatres, but I feel in the first few days they will try to see how things are there, and what kind of precautions they are taking because there is the fear of contracting the Coronavirus. Even after taking all the precautions and preventive measures, people are still testing for COVID, so they will first see the safety and precautions that the theatres are taking, whether they are following proper social-distancing or not, and then probably more and more people will go. Everyone has a business to run, so I am sure they will do everything to make it an infection-free zone. It’s a delight to watch a movie in theatres and we all have been missing the experience for far too long. So I am sure many are eagerly waiting for this.

Rahul Sharma

I feel people should avoid going to the theatres once they open because the COVID cases are increasing by the day and I feel it’s better to stay at home rather than going outside just for entertainment. By going outside, especially to a theatre we put everyone including ourselves at risk. All the movies are available online now, so why risk yourself and your health just for a movie. Once the COVID pandemic is under control, then you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.

Sucheeta Trivedi

We all have missed the theatre experience because it’s a different feeling altogether when you watch the movie at home, and it’s not a very awesome feeling. Looking at the rising COVID cases, if they maintain proper social-distancing and follow all the precautionary measures, then the audience can stay safe and enjoy a film too. And since it’s a closed space, they should run shows with only 40 per cent occupancy. People should wear masks all the time and I feel they should allow the audience to get food and snacks from home.

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