Urvashi Dholakia: I am very happy to see Komolika being loved by people world-over even now

Image Source - Instagram

Still remembered as one of Indian Television’s most iconic onscreen vamps, Urvashi Dholakia’s portrayal of the much loved ‘Komolika’ is still winning hearts worldover! Even though the show went off the air 12 years ago, the characters are still very much alive in people’s hearts, minds and on new-age digital media!

Of the lot, the original ‘Komolika’ played by Urvashi is still quite an icon and being made into an even bigger one through current social media platforms! ‘Komolika’ memes featuring some of her iconic dialogues, expressions and gestures have been doing quite a good amount of rounds on the internet in sync with recent home quarantine times and other serious situations to give them a ‘Komolika’ feel!

Speaking about the overwhelming feeling of seeing her character remain so popular even now, Urvashi shares, “Back then we didn’t have any social media platforms like we do today, so the show gaining its popularity was all about word of mouth. Though now with the rise of digital media and this amazing new generation of our young audience, our characters are still very much alive in the minds and hearts of people due to these mediums.”

Urvashi added, “The creativity with which people have been creating these memes, linking them to particular situations and moments is just amazing to see! Also the fact that our shows and characters are still receiving so much love and warmth after 12 years is absolutely lovely! I am very happy to see ‘Komolika’ being loved by people worldover even now.”

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