Varun Badola on romancing Shweta Tiwari in ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’: We’re good friends and that’s why our chemistry is easily achieved

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The fresh pairing of Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari in ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’ is very much loved by the audiences. Both share an amazing chemistry on-screen and viewers are in awe of them. We recently had a telephonic interaction with Varun and asked him how they create that romance and spark.

Varun said, “There is not a rocket science behind it. When two actors come together and they know their jobs, you just go with the flow and the script in hand. I don’t think there is anything extra that one has to do to achieve that chemistry. If you are good friends with somebody that chemistry is easily achieved. We don’t have problems with each other and that’s how it is created. And ultimately, I understand it’s our job to execute every scene well but human nature act as a hindrance but you have to just go beyond that and get your work in order.”

He added, “I have known Shweta for so many years now and we just met a few times socially, so that helps when you know somebody for a long time.”

Varun has accepted the new normal and had recently resumed shoot for his show. He said that one needs to be careful and follow safety measures. “You need to careful and not fearful, Fear holds you down and it prevents you from executing the work that is at hand. In this new normal, I have started taking certain precautions and that’s not a huge problem as such. The best one can do is probably just push it till the time vaccine comes,” he said.

Varun loves to improvise on sets but he also believes in rehearsals. He said, “I do improvise a lot but that doesn’t mean you don’t need rehearsals. At times one has to rehearse to get that scene in your system and then only you can come up with logical improvisation.”

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