When Adhyayan Suman got into a messy Twitter fight with a journalist…

Actor Adhyayan Suman made it to the headlines all over, after he came up with shocking allegations against actress Kangana Ranaut. Reactions to this have not been great. The matter turned worse when he indulged into a virtual war with a journalist over Twitter!

Ananya Bhattacharya of India Today wrote an article on the same and she was not very kind towards either Adhyayan or his father actor Shekhar Suman.

Here’s what she wrote.

This of course didn’t go down well with the ‘Raaz 2’ actor. He retaliated in an offended tone. And the war continued!

Adhyayan had accused Kangana of using black magic on him and causing severe mental trauma. Since then, the father-son duo is being chased by the media.

We aren’t sure that a Twitter battle was the best way to outrage though!