Adhyayan Summan’s bold outburst on battling depression; says, “It wasn’t just due to my career, but also because of my personal life”

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Adhyayan Summan may have been out of Bollywood for a really long time, but he has made a worthy comeback in the recently released ‘Aashram’. The actor has been receiving accolades for his performance, and he has been enjoying all the attention. During one of the chats with the actor, he went candid and opened up about fighting depression.

There was a time when Adhyayan Summan and Kangana Ranaut were dating and the two were the talk of the town. But after the breakup, Adhyayan even slipped into depression for some time. He spoke to it even to Bollywood Bubble a few days back. Have a look at the entire conversation right here:

Talking about depression and mental health, once again, at the press conference for ‘Aashram’, Adhyayan Summan said, “The most important thing in life is to never give up. Hope and faith are two important things that I’ve held onto in my life. You shouldn’t get disconnected from your family and the people you love. Not everyone is your friend, and you need to understand that. For me, slipping into depression was not just because of my career, but also because of my personal life. A lot of negativity I got early on was not because of my work and was due to my personal relationship. It was very difficult for me to fight that. Especially in our industry where people have so many opinions, and people can just blindly pass judgements, and when you’re weak and very vulnerable in life, you start believing them. You start believing that you’re probably not good enough. Or probably you don’t know your job, and that’s the reason why you’re not getting work. I have been through all that and fought all that.

Adhyayan goes on to further say, “People should remember that you’re also human and you’re also going to feel sad, low and depressed. But you’ve to take each day as it comes. You have to wake up every day and go out there and knock on doors. There was a time where I was giving so many auditions, look tests, and people were even saying always that ‘I was good’, but eventually that didn’t materialise into work. It had to do with the negativity going on around in my personal life. But you’ve to fight all those.

Talking on mental awareness, Adhyayan said, “Mental awareness is very important. You see people committing suicide. You just have to be aware and people who love you, you’ve to keep them the closest. It’s they who will help you come out of your depression.

We must say, really well said.

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