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Akshay Kumar on action-packed thriller series ‘The End’: As far as this genre goes, this could be my last innings

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Akshay Kumar is known for performing daredevil stunts in the films and reality shows. He recently decided to make his digital debut with a show that is tentatively titled ‘The End’. Interestingly, the show is going to be an action-packed thriller series. At the show’s announcement event, Akshay set himself on fire before walking on the stage. In a recent interview with DNA, the actor opened up on his fear while performing such daredevilry stunts and making a debut in the digital world.

Akshay is the first Bollywood A-lister to make a digital splash. When asked about taking up such offer, the actor said “I’ve never shied away from my age, I’m 51. The reason I signed up for a high-on-action digital show with Amazon Prime is because I feel I can do this kind of action for five more years. As far as this genre goes, this could be my last innings. I’m trying my best.”

Akshay further went on to explain that what we all saw at the launch of the show is his attempt to be with the youngsters. “I love their energy, I’m impressed with the kind of things they do. I felt the need to match that. Or at least give it my all. So, I decided that this is what I should try,” he revealed.

When the ‘Kesari’ actor was asked if he wasn’t afraid to set himself on fire, he answered, “I was wearing a fire suit. The team made sure that I was protected from any untoward incident. I always state that whatever stunts we do should never be tried at home. They’re neither for children nor for grown-ups. The stunts are done under the supervision of the stunt directors, with rehearsals.”

Well, that’s the reason why Akshay is known as Khiladi. We are looking forward to watching his web show. What about you guys?

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