Amrita Rao reveals RJ Anmol wanted her to quit films- Here’s why

Image Source - Instagram

Actor amrita rao and RJ Anmol had a secret wedding in 2014. The couple even has a son named Veer who is now 2 years old. Amrita and Anmol were dating each other for years before taking the plunge. But did you know that there was a time when Anmol asked her to quit films and to marry her? This completely shattered her but the actor also mentioned that Anmol realised his demand was unreasonable and was sorry about it.

When asked about the same, Amrita told Times of India in an interview, “That’s true. At that point, Anmol could see I was declining some huge movie offers only because I wasn’t comfortable doing kissing scenes and lovemaking sequences on screen. Hence, he thought it was the right time to focus on exploring a beautiful personal life and tying the knot. He did ask me to quit my career and I was completely shattered. However, in a day or two, he told me that in hindsight, he realised that demand was unreasonable and that he was sorry about it.”

She also mentioned that she and her husband had a secret wedding in 2014 with immediate family members in attendance. Reasoning why she kept it a secret, the Vivah actor said, “At that point with no social media, the world was different. The news of my wedding could have hampered my career prospects which, luckily, Anmol understood. However, getting married at the right time was also important and hence, Anmol came up with an idea to have a secret marriage and I jumped with excitement at the very thought!

Talking about their first meeting in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Anmol said, “To cut the long story short, she took my number.” Amrita defended herself and revealed, “I just liked him, I used to hear his voice, I was like I’d love to do an interview with him someday on radio. So I just happened to take his number. I didn’t know then I was really innocent girl and I didn’t know that you can’t ask guys their number.”

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