Anupam Kher to Aamir Khan: When did Incredible India become Intolerant India for you?

Actor Aamir Khan is facing explosive reactions of his statement where he said that he’s ‘alarmed’ by a few incidents on a row; which show the country’s growing intolerance. Eminent Bollywood personalities as well as common people are lashing out on the actor. While some chose to be sarcastic enough, some were rather directly aggressive and criticized Aamir not only for making such remarks but also acting in PK which apparently hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Actor Anupam Kher has always been against those who found India to be of growing intolerance; neither did he ever consider a few “stray incidents” as signs of the same. He earlier led a march, opposing the artists who were returning their awards as a gesture of protest. Now, he has lashed out on Aamir Khan more than once. Do check out his Tweets below.