Did you know that Alka Yagnik once threw Aamir Khan out of a recording studio?

Actor Aamir Khan is a superstar today and one of the top actors of our country, but even he had his share of strange experiences in his initial days as an actor. You will be shocked to know that he was thrown out of a recording studio by singer Alka Yagnik in the past. Yes, this incident dates back to 1988 when he was a newcomer and was shooting for the movie ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. The songstress Alka Yagnik was recording a song for the movie in which Aamir Khan played the main role opposite Juhi Chawla. (Also Read: Did this South actress just take a dig at Aamir Khan?)

She spilled the beans on this incident in one of her TV shows recently. She said, “Initially, I ignored and carried on with my rehearsals but when the recording started, I was feeling uncomfortable.” She added that his constant stares made her feel uncomfortable. “When you are singing and someone is staring at you blankly, it is kind of a disturbance. So I asked him to leave”, said Alka Yagnik.

After her song recording, the director Mansoor Khan introduced her to Aamir Khan. Now, when the singer looks back at the incident, she gets embarrassed over it and has a good laugh with Aamir Khan. “I was really embarrassed. And from that day to now, whenever we meet, he keeps reminding me that I threw him out the room and we have a good laugh on the same,” stated Alka Yagnik.

Haha! We can completely understand the situation.