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The web series Guilty Minds, starring Varun Mitra as Deepak Rana, a badass lawyer is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The show revolves around two young lawyers, Varun, and his co-stars, fighting different court cases, some good some bad. Mitra, who plays Adv. Deepak Rana leaves one charmed with his performance in the series. The trailer of Guilty Minds gives a glimpse of Varun as Deepak Rana. Ahead of the release of Guilty Minds, we sat down for a chat with actor Varun Mitra.


In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Varun opened up about playing the role of Deepak Rana, his experience shooting for the series, prepping to play a lawyer, and more.


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You play the role of Deepak Rana in the web series Guilty Minds. How was your experience?

It was a long experience, to start with. Because we’ve been shooting for two years. I came on board for the project in 2019. And we started with workshops and reading and everything. Then in February, we started shooting, we shot for a month and then Covid happened.

Did you visit the court as part of your prep for Guilty Minds? Can you describe your experience?

I actually went with Namita, who’s playing Shubanghi’s character. It was one of her friends, who had hooked us up with sort of a picnic day at the trial court. And I remember asking, should I dress a certain way. It started off as a picnic day, but there’s like a code of conduct that the moment you enter a library, you have to be a little bit quiet. So, it’s almost like when you enter the court, the general area even, there’s something about you that makes you straighten your spine. It’s like, something just happens, you adjust to the environment. And when you enter a courtroom or outside the court area, it does make you do that. I think it was just going there and letting your body do what it wants to do and just figuring that how you feel, so that we are able to then replicate that spine-straightening on our own set.


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During your visit to the trial court, did you meet any lawyer who helped inspired you in your prep to play Deepak Rana? 

We went to four-five of the sessions, and there was one guy, who was pretty theatrical. He was a young fellow, 30-32 types he must have been. And I was told that he was one of the favourites of the moment. He walked in with a little bit of confidence. He walked in with a little bit of swag, he was toying with the opposite counsel, throwing things to throw them off. So, I got a glimpse of what Deepak Rana would be like. And I can’t help but think that it was destined for me to be there that day and watch this guy and be introduced to this guy. Because, what are the chances? Like, I met all these guys who are displaying power, and suddenly I see this guy who is letting it all out. So, it was really nice. It was an eye-opening experience.

Overall, how would you describe your experience working on Guilty Minds and with the team?

So, there’s so much that’s already happened. It’s difficult to sort of club it into few moments or words. It’s been really satisfying. If I have to just narrow it down, it’s been satisfying to play Deepak Rana. It’s been satisfying to be on the set, creativity satisfying to work with the team. It’s just been satisfying. I feel like my heart is full and even though there are expectations from how the show is going to do, and we want it to go to ten seasons. But, my heart is full with what has transpired over the two years. It’s a nice feeling to have. In this career, in this world that we live in, it does not always happen where everything sort of just comes together in a nice way.

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