EXCLUSIVE: Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar on music, advice to budding musicians, global market

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The sibling duo Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar have been ruling the Indian music charts with their singles. Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar have achieved several feats as musicians and enjoy a huge fanbase in the country. Their peppy track get fans grooving and while the duo also attract some criticism, their popularity remains untouched.

Neha and Tony recently collaborated with an app where they performed live. With their new initiative, the app aims to promote budding musicians and give them a stage to showcase their talents. In an exclusive chat, the two open up on their music, missing live audience, performing, and also had a piece of advice for budding musicians.

MX TakaTak is providing a platform for budding artists to perform and bring attention to them. How do you see this initiative?

Both: It’s special because while we are launching something together for MX Takatak, the initiative is also about putting the spotlight on people not very different from us – but just at the crux of their careers and lives in the music industry. We also had an opportunity to meet some budding musicians on TakaTak Manch and I believe that more and more shows like this need to become the new normal to pave the way for the future.

With social media and initiatives like these, it has become convenient for fans to connect with and explore new music and musicians and see their fav singers perform. Do you see this as a gamechanger?

Neha: We haven’t performed live in so long. I think it’s a two way street. Fans meet artists of their dreams and artists from all over the world have access to fans all over the world.

Tony: I think the difference with this initiative was that we actually got to interact with 3 of our fans. It puts a smile on our face and they even sang for us. I can’t imagine this happening anywhere else.

Giving space and an opportunity for budding musicians to explore is something you resonate with as well. Do you remember your initial days when you started out… what helped you grow as an artist then?

Tony: It’s all about being true to your art, driving a uniqueness that sets you apart. As long as you’re honest about who you are both on the outside and inside, every hurdle can be overcome.

What is the most exciting part about performing LIVE for an audience. What gets your adrenaline rush?

Neha: The nerves of coming on stage will always be there but we haven’t met our fans in a long time and we’re particularly excited to engage with them.

Your journey hadn’t been easy yourself but if you had to give a piece of advice to budding musicians, what would it be?

Neha: Work hard, stay honest, stay humble, be open to growing and never lose faith.

Indian music is witnessing some changes now with independent artists finally getting some huge shout-outs. Where do you see Indian music in the global sphere?

Both: We believe in the power of collaboration over competition. This is the only way the music industry can become a cohesive unit. Every musician we know is nice and humble and obsessed with the art of making music. With collaborations, we can scale this to much greater heights.

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