EXCLUSIVE: Renee Sen REVEALS how Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl reacted after watching her debut film Suttabaazi

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Renee Sen might be a starkid but when she decided to make her first appearance in front of the audience, she took a rather different route, something that could also be termed very ‘unstarkid’-ish. Her debut was with a short film Suttabaazi that has a liberating take on freedom, choices and womanhood. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Renee reveals what made her choose this short film to make her acting debut. She also opened up about her mother Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl’s reaction to her debut performance.

Speaking about what made her pick Suttabaazi to make her debut with, Renee shared, “I have always loved the stories that have a message. Whether it’s Hindi film or any other form of art, I like those kinds of meaningful films. So Suttabaazi is the film where the older generation is connecting with the millennial and they are trying to bridge the gap. So there is a story there. Sometimes it’s okay to watch a film that doesn’t have meaning. But when I started out as an actor, I wanted to tell a story. That was the main purpose. Even when I will choose projects in the future, I will choose projects that have stories and my character has something important to do in the film.”

Reacting to critics praising her performance in the film, Renee said, “I am so grateful that they have appreciated my performance in it. It has instilled the faith in me that okay I can do this. But I was not expecting it and I didn’t read it a lot (reviews). My friends only told me all that was being written. Because I feel it can throw me off balance. For me, too much praise is also not good and too much of criticism is also not good. I intentionally stay away from reading the reviews.”

You can check out our entire conversation with Renee Sen below:

Finally revealing about her mom Sushmita Sen’s reaction to her film, the young actress shared, “She was in tears. But she also gave a lot of suggestions for the film which we implemented. It was the first time I dubbed a little bit. So it was a new experience for me. She was there with me and she helped me. It really helps if your parents are in the same profession because when I told my mom I have to smoke, she was really supportive because she knows it’s just a part of my job. Her support is everything for me. The question of not wanting her to promote it, I think that comes from a place, as you said I am privileged. I know I am a very blessed person. So she is my mom, like when she puts up stories about my work I am actually surprised as I am not expecting it. She tells me ‘I will put this up’ and all. And I am like ‘Sure'(smiles). Our relationship is just like any mother-daughter. And I think she is just being a mom.”

Alisah tells me, ‘You are growing up now. I am so happy.'(laughs) She has a very balanced approach. Even with Rohman uncle, he wont say much but when he says it really means a lot. So he was really happy as well, “ she signed off.

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