Fans laud Shilpa Shetty’s bodyguard Ravi for his loyalty towards Raj Kundra: netizens say ‘Hats off salute to such loyalty’

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Actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was recently granted bail over the pornography case. Raj Kundra has now returned home to his Juhu residence after spending a couple of months in jail due to his alleged involvement in the production and distribution of illegal porn content. As he came back to his house, paparazzi flocked to his residence to get his first glimpse. Amidst all the chaos, Shilpa’s bodyguard takes away the cake as he becomes the centre of the attraction. How come?

Well, a video was shared recently on social media where it was seen Shilpa’s bodyguard Ravi is running in front of Raj’s car while making way to his home and keeping the horde of media personnel away from the route so that he can make a peaceful entry in his house. While he risked everything as he was running in front of the car, netizens were mighty impressed with his loyalty and gave him a salute for the same. 

Among many, a fan wrote, “They work hard we should respect them…” while another one wrote, “Ya hats off to him he is protecting someone who has done so good job for this country..” There was another one who said, “Loyalty like this is difficult to find cherish it 

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After he was granted bail, Shilpa Shetty made a positive photo of herself and she captioned the photo, “There are always going to be moments that push you to the ground. In times like these, I truly believe that if you fall seven times, make yourself strong enough to be able to stand back up eight times. This rise will demand a lot of courage, grit, will-power, and strength during some of your most difficult moments.

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