farmers' protest bollywood celebs react

Over the last few days, the protest of farmers has intensified. Thousands of farmers are marching towards Delhi to protest against the recently passed farm laws.

The farmers were bombarded with lathi-charge and tear gas in order to stall their March and disallow them to enter the capital. Thousands of farmers were seen braving water cannons and tackling barricades set up by the central government. Several Bollywood celebs have come out in support of the farmers and reacted on the ongoing protest.

Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhasker, Diljit Dosanjh and several other celebs shared their views on the protests via their social media posts.


Criticising Chief Minister of Haryana, Swara Bhasker tweeted, “SHAMEFUL conduct! Shame on @mlkhattar govt. It’s 14 degrees in Sonepat just now!!!! Cruel inhuman people!” Whereas Taapsee Pannu made a sarcastic comment as she wrote, “Chalo now let’s not waste time and quickly #BoycottFood come on twitter you can do it.”

Comedian-actor Vir Das tweeted, “You just fired tons of water from water canons on farmers who are the worst hit every year by our national water crisis…and then they offered you drinking water. Drink that in.” Sonu Sood simply wrote, “Kisan Mera Bhagwan”

You can check out the celeb’s reactions below:

Pooja Bhatt

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Richa Chadha tweeted, “For those who are wondering what the farmers are protesting, read. India has been facing an agrarian crisis for the past 2 decades, 12000 farmers commit suicide every year, that’s over 30/day! And yet, this is the biggest protest by people who put food on our plates. Next time you shop for vegetables, (which u will soon irrespective of where u live or how much meat/fish u eat), don’t wonder why the prices for vegetables are constantly rising. India is still an agrarian economy. It’s not just a ‘farmer’s issue’. Everything is connected.”

Farmers from all over the country have been raising their voice against new laws passed by the Centre in September this year. Farmers from states like Punjab and Haryana have been marching towards Delhi to mark their disapproval of the Farm Bills. The central government used various tactics to stop them.

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