Raj Kapoors Movie

Recently, RK Films, the banner established by late actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor in 1948, decided to colour the entire slate of their black-and-white films in a bid to revive interest in these classics. However, noble as their intentions were, just when things were about to fall in place, the Kapoor trio including Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv developed cold feet and ended up dropping their plan.

A source from the trade said: “There is no sense in colouring old films and re-releasing them. How can you ignore the cost of publicity and advertising? If you add that to the colouring process, the cost is humongous. RK Films has done a wise thing. Isn’t it always better tobe safe than sorry?”



Randhir Kapoor confirmed the story. “We don’t want to colour our films. We would rather not do it. The ones that have been coloured and re-released didn’t do well. We are not idiots to still go ahead and invest in colouring our films,” he said.

Well all we can say is that it is a good decision on RK banner’s part.