Priyanka Chopra gifts herself a customized Rolls Royce

There was a time when boys used to show off,  with the best cars but now the girls are taking over this domain. Priyanka Chopra has splurged on more than Rs 2 crore for a super luxury car a Rolls Royce that too customized to her taste. The changes will take three more months and she is expected to be able to travel in it only by February. and so becoming the first actress of Bollywood to own it.

According to sources,“The price of Rolls-Royce starts from more than Rs 2 crore and Priyanka is personally taking keen interest in the customization of her fancy car and even if it is taking time, she is ensuring that she gets it in the way she wants.  Since Priyanka is a music buff and also a foodie, she wants a fantastic music system and also a huge storage capacity in the car.”

PC’s garage already boasts of a Porsche Cayenne, a Mercedes Benz E Class and a BMW 7 series.