Randeep Hooda on his movie 'Do Lafzon Ki Kahani'

Actor Randeep Hooda says that his ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’ is his first bona fide commercial love story and he considers himself fortunate to be a part of the film.

“It is my first bona fide commercial love story. Till now either the girl was young, or older, or a sister or something else; in this there is nothing like that. It’s very special… I’m very fortunate that I’m a part of this lovely love story,” Randeep said at the trailer launch of the film.

Randeep had previously acted in love stories such as ‘Ru Ba Ru’ and ‘Karma Aur Holi’ before he acted in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’, which is often termed as the turning point in his life.

“There is a phase of my life before ‘Once Upon…’ and there is one after ‘Once Upon…’. I had attempted all that (love story) before ‘Once Upon…’, but no one saw it and no one knows about it, so I don’t talk about it. And since that it is the first time,” he said.

The film talks about the love story between Randeep’s character, who is a mixed martial arts wrestler and has his own set of financial and personal struggles, and Kajal Aggarwal’s character, who is blind.


“It’s a very unique; it’s about two people, lonely souls in a foreign city, how they meet and what happens. One is handicapped by his head and the other is handicapped by her eyes. They meet by fate, but there is a bigger fate which they are not aware of, which is playing games with them. This often happens in love, I think love and fate are very related,” he added.

The trailer sees Randeep in some intense action sequences in the ring. But he denies that it is an out-and-out action film. “Every punch, every kick has an emotional connotation, it’s a sense of getting to your goal, which is to make your beautiful co-star fall in love with you more,” he said.

Any romantic actor he drew inspiration from? “Why would I want to look at somebody else and do their thing? I think you have to find it all within you. There are actors who are good at emulating, I’m not very good at mimicry or emulating,” he said.

The film has been directed by Deepak Tijori.

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