‘Rangoon’ vs ‘Fearless Nadia’ controversy: Roy Wadia strikes 19 similarities between the two

Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut-starrer ‘Rangoon‘ is set to release on February 24, 2017, but before that, the makers of the film have a huge task to handle. A copyright issue has propped up with Roy Wadia stating that ‘Rangoon’ is similar to ‘Hunterwali’ featuring Fearless Nadia that had released in the year 1935.

It is being said that Kangana’s character in ‘Rangoon’ is similar to that of ‘Hunterwali’. Hence, a case was filed by Roy Wadia against the makers of ‘Rangoon’.

An update on this states that Roy Wadia’s counsels have stroked 19 similarities between Kangana’s character and Fearless Nadia. From the attire she has worn to her attitude in the film, Roy Wadia’s counsels argued that a lot of things have been picked up from ‘Hunterwali’. Navroz Seervai, senior counsel handling Roy Wadia’s case, stated, “It’s a clear case of copyright infringement. Both the character as well as the script have been copied. Only instead of Fearless Nadia, Kangana’s character has been named Jaanbaaz Miss Julia.”

“There are several e-mails when Wadia was in Japan, desperately trying to reach him as UTV was about to back out of the film due to problems of copyright infringement. Vishal was deeply involved in the project and it was impossible for him to back out,” Navroz concluded.

Let’s wait and watch for the reaction of team ‘Rangoon’. (ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut says ‘Rangoon’ is not based on any living or dead person)