Salman Khan : No ego to outrank Shahrukh’s film

Salman Khan the name itself generates hysteria among the masses. Person of every age group finds something worthwhile in him. Girls swoon when they see him. A fashion icon for the youth and the moment you enter a theater to see his movie, you are engulfed in the hysteria of wolf whistles and clapping on his dialogues.

The recent launch of his trailer ‘Jai Ho’, had crowds screaming out “Salman Khan ki Jai Ho” . The movie is an action dhamaka with a social message in it. Welll when India’s Dabangg star is teaching you something it is sure to be a revolution that will spread all over the nation. But our hero is very down to earth and this is revealed in his statement that he does not have the ego to outrank the business records of Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan‘s films. “I believe a film should be good. The promo should be the deciding factor for people whether they want to see the film or not. It (promo) should be good enough so that people would want to see the film.”

Sallu is also known to be a good friend of Aamir Khan, and has proved it by wearing the hat given to him by Aamir to promote his movie Dhoom 3. “Since the time I have started wearing Aamir’s hat, I am getting those kind of genius marketing ideas for film. I hope ‘Jai Ho’ creates ‘Dhoom’,” said the Khan.