Shahrukh Khan locks Diwali for ‘Happy New Year’

Supertsar Shahrukh Khan has realized that to release a movie on a Holiday is good for the Box Office collections. The best example being Chennai Express that has set up a new record. Therefore SRK has decided that his next ‘Happy New Year‘ will also be released on a holiday.

According to sources, “Since this is a big film by Farah Khan, Happy New Year can’t be expected to be ready before mid-2014. If one looks at the holiday season from July onward, first to arrive would be Eid. Then there is Independence Day, Dusshehra, Diwali and Christmas. As Salman Khan has Already booked Eid for Kick and the other dates are also booked that leaves Diwali for Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year.

Farah Khan said, “We haven’t locked any date yet. Of course ours is a celebration movie. It is called Happy New Year for a good reason. We would be looking forward to a holiday release”.