Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express Item Song Sans offending moves

Shahrukh Khan much has been said about his new item number in his movie Chennai Express ,which is sans any sensuality ,but there is a reason behind it and it is none other than Shahrukh Khan and his clause of not having an inch of on screen display, for his movie will be catering to family audience.

As per sources, SRK didn’t want any uncomfortable visuals for his family audience so in his item number with South Bombshell Priyamani “There are ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkas’ but there is no bosom heaving, body parts on display which is on-your-face,It may have made some out there wonder if the song can indeed be categorized as an item number; more so because it was much hyped as the coming together of Priyamani as an item girl opposite Shah Rukh Khan. However one must understand that not every film demands a ‘Chikni Chameli’ or ‘Sheila’ sequence. Yes, even Shah Rukh has danced along with Kareena to the tune of ‘Chammak Challo’ but that too didn’t carry any uncensored footages. This is something that he is very clear about.”

Rohit Shetty too confirmed this “One Two Three Four” is a fun song and that’s the way it should be looked at as. Ever since Golmaal, each of my films has catered to the family audience. There has never been a single song and dance routine where women have been treated in a derogatory manner. That’s the way I intend to keep things in future too.

Surely SRK has hit the nerve, now families can sit and watch the movie without any embarrassment.