Sonakshi finds it uncomfortable to seduce her co-stars on the big screen

The makers of ‘Ittefaq’ have taken a very different route. They are not promoting the film the conventional way, and just had one event recently where the team of the movie interacted with the media. Well, to promote the film on social media, the makers have come up with a video titled ‘Interrogation with Karan Johar’, in which Karan speaks to the cast of the film.

The movie stars Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshaye Khanna in the lead role. Talking about Sonakshi, the actress will be seen playing a totally different character from what she has been doing since the past few years on the big screen. In the trailer, we can see that Sonakshi has two diverse personalities in the movie. In one of the sequences in the trailer, we can also see that Sonakshi is trying to seduce Sidharth. (Also Read: Shhh! Bollywood celebs #SayNoToSpoilers for ‘Ittefaq’)

On ‘Interrogation with Karan Johar’, when Sonakshi was asked how it was seducing Sidharth, the actress said, “Every actor has that (one) thing which they are not very good at or they are uncomfortable doing. Sometimes it is comedy, sometimes it’s emotional scenes, sometimes it’s seduction. It was really very uncomfortable. See, I am a very good actor, that’s why it didn’t show, but I was very uncomfortable.”

She later cleared that she was not just uncomfortable with Sidharth, but in general in front of camera she is uncomfortable seducing her co-stars.

However, Karan jokingly revealed that there’s a scene in the film, where we will come to know how much uncomfortable Sonakshi was while seducing her co-star.

‘Ittefaq’, which is directed by Abhay Chopra, is slated to release on November 3, 2017.