This is what Mahesh Bhatt advised daughter Alia Bhatt after her debut

Alia Bhatt, who wooed us with her outstanding deliverance in ‘Udta Punjab’ had debuted at an age as less as 19. Karan Johar‘s ‘Student Of The Year‘ was a major box office success but no critical acclaim came Alia’s way after that film. Since then, she has come a long way, while constantly proving herself to be a diverse and hard-working actress. Born to a veteran filmmaker like Mahesh Bhatt, she surely got some valuable insights from her dad. What were they?

“I would never insult her by giving her advises. I only told her that this is an unforgiving business. It opens its arms in the discovering phase, takes you to the peaks, applauds you but every time they clap at you, they find a way to pull you down. This is the business that worships success and hates failure. And if you want to belong to the Entertainment world then you must never be a part of it, you should be on the edge. If you are on the edge, then you will really be in the heart of it,” Mahesh Bhatt had said.

“The first autograph she gave me was after she heard from some reliable sources that her movie was a smash-hit. That is when she wrote to me ‘Thank You Daddy for not helping me at all during the making of ‘SOTY’. I think we disrespect our children while imposing our fears and limitations on them. Life is the only teacher and if they fall, they will get up and learn, like the parents did. There is always a paranoia on children of parents that create boundaries and limits in the psyche of the children, especially when the children are daring. I never give her advise in her personal or professional life. I only discuss with her of what I understand individually about the business. But I only share. I don’t ask her to follow it. That is her privilege to implement or not,” he added.

Alia has indeed taken the lessons seriously and we can witness the outcome. Her character in ‘Student of The Year’ was rather unsubstantial and she, being a newbie, didn’t really impress critics. The same girl, afterwards, has given us films like ‘Highway’, ‘2 States’, ‘Kapoor & Sons’ and more.

We wish she flies higher…