PadMan: Men in some places aren’t allowing their wives to watch the film, says Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar‘s ‘PadMan’ has opened to positive reviews from both critics and audience. This is probably the first Bollywood film to give a loud and clear message on menstruation, and we can’t help but applaud for the team, for their splendid effort!

However, at some places, the film’s performance is still not satisfactory. Akshay Kumar, who called for a media interaction to discuss the same, points out that women are being stopped by their husbands from going and watching the film in theatres. (Also Read: Parineeti Chopra chooses Akshay Kumar over Arjun Kapoor. Here’s how!)

“Critics had loved it. Even when I go on the internet, I see everyone has lvoed it. But there are certain people still, that are in places like Bihar, UP, Ghaziabad, Haryana. They are hesitant to go and watch the film. What I’ve noticed is, men are not allowing their wives to go and watch the movie. The whole idea of making the movie was to break the taboo. To tell them, that there’s nothing wrong. You guys have seen the film. I’ve made it with the intention that men should go and watch it with their families. The males should specially watch it, because there’s nothing wrong in talking about it (periods), or helping your wife or going and buying pads. It’s a very natural thing,” he said.

We have to agree that films like ‘PadMan’ are a need of the hour, especially since in India, majority of women don’t even have access to sanitary napkins and nurture massively unhealthy practices while managing periods every month. So, if you’ve already watched the film and loved it, spread the word may be? 🙂