Is Kangana Ranaut dried out of Indian celeb names that she’s started comparing herself to Hollywood legends?

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What is Kangana Ranaut doing! Why is she going on and on blowing her own trumpet? Has she gotten so brainwashed by her political ideologies that she feels that the only way to stay relevant among the masses is by staying in the news by any means necessary? What happened to the Kangana Ranaut who used to let her performances in films like Gangster, Lamhe, Fashion, Tanu Weds Manu, Queen, etc do the talking? Why is she just going on and on without a full stop?

I can totally understand her political choices, and it’s fair enough that she sticks on to her political viewpoint at any cost. I can even understand that she doesn’t like the celebrities who’re opposed to her viewpoint – probably people like Diljit Dosanjh, Swara Bhasker or Taapsee Pannu. She had been constantly bashing some of these celebs over and over on Twitter. Now, that these Indian celebs have stopped giving a flying fu*k about what Kangana Ranaut is blabbering full day, the Queen actress has gone ahead to drop names of international celebs and comparing herself to the likes of Meryl Streep, Gal Gadot and Tom Cruise. Like OMG! How attention-hungry can one be!

What Kangana doesn’t understand is that she comparing herself to these Hollywood celebs isn’t going down well with not just the public at large, but even her own fan followers. The moment you drag in foreign celebs and say you’re better than them, even if you’re, the statement totally loses its essence, as it seems just like you blowing your own trumpet. Not a great move.

That’s possibly the only explanation that one can think of right now. If you really wanted to compare your acting you could have found examples in India itself. Why didn’t you compare yourself to Madhubala or Nagis (considering you wouldn’t even think of comparing yourself to the newer actresses)? Why couldn’t you compare yourself and call yourself a better action star than the action heroes we have in India? Why Oh Why?

I have slowly started feeling bad about myself that there was time I used to love Kangana’s performance in some of the films mentioned above. However, the more she keeps shoving her political ideologies down the audiences’ throats, such stellar performances are also becoming hard to even revisit, even when they’re coming on the telly on a certain evening.

Kangana, an earnest request from someone who was genuinely a fan – please stop these comparisons with international celebs, and let your work do the talking. Let those foreign celebs praise you if you’re worth it. Don’t keep name-dropping just for the heck of it.

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