Kashmera Shah bashed by #SidNaaz fans for calling Shehnaaz Gill #Fakenaaz

Image Source - Instagram

The ‘Connection Week’ has started in the Bigg Boss house and this week contestants’ friends and family members are entering the house to spend some time with them. Arti Singh’s sister-in-law Kashmera Shah entered the house and both turned emotional as they met each other after months. Kashmera is someone who never shies away to voice her opinion. She lashed out at Vishal for making Arti cut her hair and it was the first time when he cried seeing Arti chopping her tresses.

When Shehnaaz Gill referred to Krushna Abhishek as Krushna, Kashmera told her to address him as ‘Ji’ as he is senior to her. Shehnaaz then said that if she will say ‘Ji’, then she will look fake. Kashmera then told Shehnaaz that she looks fake and it irked the latter. Kashmera also said #SidNaaz is over and now it is #Fakenaaz. Shehnaaz got upset and even cried. This statement didn’t go well with Sana’s fans and they lashed out at Kashmera on Twitter.

Here’s the video.

Check some of the comments of Shehnaaz and Sidharth’s fans.

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