Pearl V Puri Molestation Case: Minor’s mother reveals to Ekta Kapoor that the sexual assault did not happen in an alleged audio call

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The Pearl V Puri case has left everyone shocked.  The Naagin actor was arrested in Mumbai for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor girl. Pearl has reportedly been arrested under the section of The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and was taken into custody by the Waliv police under IPC section 376 AB, r/w POCSO Act 4, 8, 12,19, 21.  While Pearl was granted bail earlier, later he has been sent to 14 days of Judicial custody. Amidst this, a call between the alleged minor victim’s mother and Ekta Kapoor has gone viral. If the audio call is anything to go by, then the minor’s mother is heard saying that the sexual abuse incident did not happen at all and Pearl is being framed.

In the audio posted by RDR Bharat, the minor’s mother is apparently heard saying, “I was married for 12 years and he (minor’s father) was abusive. Mentally and physically also.” Further, when she is informed by Ekta about Pearl’s arrest, the minor’s mother is heard saying, “I don’t know Ekta. He (minor’s father) is putting these wrong allegations. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”  

Ekta is also heard telling the mother that if she knows the allegations against Pearl are false, she should come out and prove his innocence as Pearl’s image is getting damaged in the process, “Your husband and your daughter have put a blame on someone. If you know the truth and you know Pearl is not involved.” But the mother said she does not want to come out in the media as her daughter is involved, “I know the truth. Of course he (Pearl) is not and I have given a statement also,” the mother replied. Ekta is also heard asking the minor’s mother in the call, “For one second also you feel this has happened?” To which she said, “Not at all. My gut feeling says it has not happened. And when I’ve seen her (daughter) so many times in court.. can you imagine what I’m going through. It’s been two years.” Adding, “It has been one and a half year I’m staying without my daughter.” 


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Referring to her ex-husband, the minor’s mother is heard saying that he is ‘brainwashing’ their daughter and also called him ‘psychotic’. In the said call, the minor’s mother is heard assuring Ekta that, “I’m with Pearl only. I’m with the truth. I have given all the statements. I have all the proofs.” Ekta was also heard saying in the call that if there is any truth to it then she will also not work with Pearl, but if Pearl is innocent then a case should be filed against the minor’s father, “I’m saying if it has not happened, and it is just being used to put somebody in a problem and if you feel it has not happened then you have to stand up for the boy. Because it will be a very problematic thing. If it is a false claim and it will be proved, then I will tell Pearl to put a case against this man.”

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