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No! Poonam Pandey’s Valentine’s Day video with excess b**b show is not happening for us

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and everybody is spreading so much of love. Now, actress Poonam Pandey has uploaded a video where you see her way of celebrating this day and that’s exactly what you would have expected from the lady. (Also Read: Poonam Pandey: Created controversies to get noticed)

Known for her sex appeal, obscene pictures and controversial statements, the actress is seen flaunting her b**bs all throughout the video, as she let’s us into her plans for the day. By starting her day with breakfast in bed, followed by a shower sequence, a movie night and finally the dinner date, the actress didn’t quite create the desired impact for this special day.

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The b**b show throughout the video is a big turnoff for us and the part where she pops in popcorn from her cleavage (eyes rolling in disappointment). Only crazy fans of the actress will like this video, the rest can surely utilize their 3 minutes better.