Anushka Sharma happy

Anushka Sharma’s fans were disappointed  as the performance of their favorite star was cancelled due to the intervention of the Mumbai cops,this happened at the MTV awards ceremony held in Mumbai,a few policemen were seen entering the venue when the awards ceremony had started.



As per information “It was around 10 pm when the cops came in and lowered the volume from the console,Soon cops were also spotted removing wires from both mouthpieces and speakers. When all of this was taking place there were four primary awards left to be given away and Anushka was supposed to perform as well,”Despite the intervention of the cops the audience did not face any problem.“The programme was not for the public. It was being recorded for the channel. So every performance will be there when it airs on TV,” was quoted by an MTV Official.

Aditya Swamy, EVP and business head, MTV India said“I don’t want to comment on it.”