Kajol: After seeing intimate scenes in ‘Shivaay’, I felt like taking out a gun!

Ajay Devgn‘s movie ‘Shivaay‘ that released last Friday has been garnering mixed responses from the audiences. The movie was in the limelight for its intimate scenes as Ajay Devgn broke his no-kissing policy with this film. He locked lips with Polish actress Erika Kaar.

One person who was upset with the intimate scenes was Devgn’s wife, actress Kajol. She did express her displeasure over the kissing scenes on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ recently. When asked as to what was her initial reaction on seeing those scenes, she said, “Wo Dilwale ki gun yaad hai? Wo nikalne ka mann kar raha tha.”

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Even though she said it in a humorous manner, it was evident that she wasn’t too impressed by those intimate scenes. Well, Mr Devgn surely apologized to his wife later on.

We only hope that all the hard work pays off.

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