Rajkummar Rao on Vikas Bahl: I would love to work only with people with ethics and the right moral conduct

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Queen‘ director Vikas Bahl‘s name has been in the news ever since Kangana Ranaut (and another actress) accused him of sexual misconduct. This is not the first time Vikas has been accused of harassment. Earlier too, the director had been accused of sexual misconduct by an employee from Phantom Films, but no action was taken against him. After Hrithik Roshan‘s stand against Vikas, now Rajkummar Rao has spoken out against him.

In 2017, during a party, Vikas Bahl molested a female employee of Phantom Films. He denied the allegations saying that they both had known each other for a long time and the woman never showed that she was uncomfortable.

Kangana Ranaut also accused Vikas saying that whenever they used to meet, he would bury his face in her neck, hold her really tight and smell her hair. In a conversation with HuffPost India, Rajkummar (who has also worked with Vikas Bahl) condemned the misconduct.

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In an interview with HuffPost India, he said, “I strongly condemn whatever is going on. What is wrong is wrong. We as an industry should come together to protect everyone be it men or women against any kind of harassment, and I hope and pray that God will give strength to that girl to come out of it even stronger. We have to address the safety of women and that is of utmost importance right now, I would love to work only with people with ethics and the right moral conducts.”

Post harassment accusations, Vikas Bahl has been ousted by the makers of Ranveer Singh starrer ’83’.

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