Salman Khan with Shahrukh Khan

Super star Salman Khan Admits that he was reminded of Karan Arjun in which Salman and Shahrukh Khan had played a major role, this happened when they were shooting for an inner wear at Mehboob Studio.


According to sources,Salman Khan admits that “It (shooting for ‘DixcyScott’ ad) reminded me of Karan Arjun. I was shooting for Karan Arjun in Mehboob Studio and there was also the same ambience during my introduction scene in the film where Rakhee states these words.Mere bete aayenge, Karan-Arjun aayenge, dharti ka seena phaadkar aayenge and then I enterthe boxing ring.It was the same (ambience for ad film) and I was reminded of the scene.
Salman is looking ‘fit as a fiddle’ in the ad