EXCLUSIVE: Ranveer’s ‘Padmavati’ look inspired by Khal Drogo, reveals trainer

The recently released trailer of ‘Padmavati‘ has left us mesmerised. But Ranveer Singh takes the cake for an absolutely jaw-dropping pure evil appearance as Alauddin Khilji. All the reports discovered an astonishing similarity between Khilji and that of Khal Drogo from ‘Game Of Thrones’. Bollywood Bubble also discovered out that it wasn’t a work of fiction after all. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Bollywood Bubble, fitness expert Mustafa Ahmed who trained Ranveer Singh to achieve the perfect physique for Padmavati revealed it all.

“I was briefed by Ranveer about the character. Then we sat together and talked. We wanted his character to look larger-than-life. We wanted that when people see him, they’d be overwhelmed with his presence. We immediately thought of this character from ‘Game Of Thrones’, which is called Khal Drago. We’re very happy if it has come out in the media in the same way because that’s exactly what we wanted too,” he smiles. (Also Read: Kapil Dev and his World Cup team to train Ranveer for ’83)

We were curious to know what form of a diet did the actor follow and we probed further. (Also Read: Kapil Dev and his World Cup team to train Ranveer for ’83) [inline1] "We took all the sugar out of it. There was no sugar. Secondly, there was no processed food. We made sure whatever he was eating had no processed food in it. The third thing we made sure was that he eats really good carbs; like sweet potato, brown rice etc. He was also on a high-protein diet. He would require 150-180 gms of protein every day. He had to eat good fat as well. Usually, the people I have worked with, are very scared to eat fats. They think it will make them look fat. So I had to tell him that he needed toeat good fat for the energy to sustain throughout the day. Hence, the diet pretty much consisted on good amount of protein, good amount of fat and needed amount of carbohydrate. One meal woud have around 10-15 gms of carbohydrate, equal amount of fat and around 30 gms of protein. He would eat four meals and one snack in a day. He was eating once in every few hours, as and when he got hungry," Mustafa, who runs his personalised fitness centre AKRO in Mumbai, answered. He has, in part, trained a number of prominent figures including <a href=Hrithik Roshan. But it was Ranvir’s solely unpredictable schedule that made the process more difficult. As a result, they trained as and when they could. "We trained as and when we could. In the morning, we would do conditioning workout which would consist of stretches and mobility workouts. He did a lot of stretches, because he wanted to make sure he was free from injuries. In the second season, there would be decent anount of weight training. He enjoyed weight training. On alternate days, it would be high intensity interval trainings. It included a lot of power movements, from squatting to deadlifting , benchpressing. So it was basically a combination of every aspect. Ranvir wanted to make sure he was in his best condition to play his character," he says. We conclude as he reveals he will be a part of Ranveer’s training for his upcoming films as well. But that’s for another time! Now you know how much sweat goes into getting one such stunning appearance… ” width=”579″ height=”450″ />

Source: Dainaik Bhaskar

Ranveer possesses an unmatchable bar of energy. In fact, he endures the most difficult shooting schedules, banking upon nothing but the energy and willpower. While Mustafa says this was probably the most difficult training session he has lived, he also emphasises that they could pull it off, solely due to Ranveer’s total go-get-it approach .

Mustafa, who has also trained Hrithik Roshan in past and runs a personal fitness centre named AKRO, emphasised that Ranveer’s character particularly required to look exceptionally strong. “He had to look that part of a warrior who can carry a 10-15 kg sword with him”, he says, adding that his appearance is poles apart from that od a modern-day soldier.

Not a co-incidence, after all! 🙂