Whenever people visit Mumbai or Bandra, they ensure to make a pit stop outside Shah Rukh Khan residence Mannat. They stand outside his mansion just to get a glimpse of the star. But visiting his place from the inside will always be a dream for many, right? Well, during a candid chat with Bollywood Bubble, Jawan actor Lehar Khan recalled her experience of visiting Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat for the first time.

Lehar Khan visiting Shah Rukh Khan Mannat

When asked about her experience visiting Mannat from inside for the first time, Lehar recalled the time when she visited his mansion from outside with her mother. “On one of the first trips to Mumbai with my mother, because she is the biggest of Shah Rukh sir, we went through outside Mannat and I showed that this Shah Rukh’s house.” Adding that her mom was amazed to see a lot of people standing outside the house.

“That all was going inside my head and I was like ‘Oh my god, this is the first time I’m taking a left and going inside and not like going from outside. The moment I took a left my heart started pounding like it was really happening. I think I made it,” Lehar added.

Lehar on working with SRK on the set

Lehar narrated her experience working with King Khan. “Shah Rukh Khan made me very comfortable on the set and played a huge role in making us completely his girls like a chief. He’s our chief. I think he made a friendly bond with us on set like off the camera and onscreen also it comes across like that. He was not trying to be like ‘I’m elder than you, I know more, I’m your senior.’ He is just trying to be your good friend. And we would be so comfortable.

Talking about SRK’s aura, Lehar shared, “We finished watching Brahmastra and we came out of the theatre, the sweetest thing he said ‘arey issi ne toh bachaya brahmastra ko, isse bulao.’ It suddenly boosted my morale.”

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Lehar Khan worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan.

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